A ‘Go-Digital’ Business Guide for Member Organisations

Every organisation is observing the speed of change and concerned about how customer / member engagement can be improved.

Post Covid, expectations have changed and it has become more difficult to predict behaviour and patterns.

Your marketing and product teams are constantly trying to evaluate and test responsiveness and what it takes to activate your members.

Our market insight indicates that:

  • Existing ‘push’ marketing has become ineffective
  • Users are tired of downloading apps
  • There is an increasing burden on users to find information

Within this context, is also the speed at which mobile has become the preferred method of communication and influence.

This guide aims to help you anticipate and understand the shift to digital engagement.

Digital creates relationships through real-time communication.

Member organisations can save time and money moving to digital.

Costs are going up to keep marketing operations and member engagement active. Resources are limited and skills difficult to find for mobile applications.

If your organisation is feeling some of these pressures, it is likely you need to consider a new approach.

We recommend you consider learning how to make the shift to digital engagement and equip your team to learn with more granularity and insight.

This will help enable development of a closer relationship and understanding in engagement with your members.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing and member engagement today?

What are your response rates to outbound email?

Are members opting out from receiving communications?

Are surveys giving you clarity of member/customer views and needs?

Are you investing more and getting less insight?

Your teams are likely working hard on these questions and more.

Many organisations are feeling the pain of a disconnected membership base – opting out of email, non-responsive surveys, unwilling to engage.

If you simply continue to try the same methods – the potential is to cause further damage to your relationships with members.

People want trust.  They expect quality and relevance. This is not possible with yesterday’s technologies.  

It was cool to have on-line portals but without engagement and advocacy, how much value is achieved versus your costs of marketing?

Potential of Business Intelligence from Digital Engagement

Understanding member behaviour and desire creates valuable insight that will help you transform and re-align your operations.

A focus on real-time and accurate information gained from digital interactions helps you cut back on ineffective programs and waste.

Learning fast helps boost the skills and focus you need to compete and grow.

View our key resources which aim to help you determine the team you need to make this transformation happen.

Times have changed and people are much more demanding and discerning.

The bottom line is:

  • Confidence in achieving membership renewal
  • Projections in membership growth
  • Likelihood of achieving membership referrals
  • Engagement measurements of membership satisfaction

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