Enhancing User Engagement with Push Notifications

What are push notifications? Push notifications are brief alerts sent from applications to users’ devices. They serve to inform, engage, and retain users even when they are not actively using the app. These notifications can appear on both mobile and desktop devices, making them a versatile tool for real-time communication. Benefits of Using Push Notifications […]

Litecard and DotApparel Partner to Innovate Retail with Integrated Mobile Wallet Solutions

Litecard Dot Apparel21 Shopify Partnership

Announcement: Melbourne, Australia – February 2024 – Litecard, a leader in mobile wallet technologies, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with DotApparel, the leading Apparel21 integration for fashion and apparel brands. This alliance is set to revolutionise the retail industry by integrating Litecard’s mobile wallet capabilities with DotApparel’s expertise in integrating and implementing Apparel21 […]

Navigating the Pitfalls of Digital Advertising: Why Retailers and Brands Need a New Approach

As digital consumer behaviours evolve, so do the challenges faced by retailers and brands in their advertising efforts. Despite increased investments in digital ads, email, and SMS marketing, many companies struggle with diminishing returns due to saturated platforms and soaring costs. This blog examines these hurdles and introduces a strategic pivot to Apple and Google […]

Case Study: Litecard Partners with Frontcover

Case Study: Litecard Partners with Frontcover to Revolutionise Community Engagement Through Mobile Wallet Solutions In today’s digital age, communities thrive on connectivity and value delivery. Frontcover, a pioneering platform designed to nurture vibrant communities and deliver value digitally, partnered with Litecard to enhance community engagement through innovative mobile wallet solutions. This case study explores how […]

Case Study: Driving Club Loyalty with Litecard and Omniqpon at The Juniors

Introduction The Juniors, a renowned entertainment and leisure destination with locations in Maroubra and Malabar, aimed to enhance member engagement and promote the adoption of their new Prime Player App. With a focus on converting existing members to digital memberships and showcasing the benefits of club loyalty, The Juniors sought to activate creative promotional campaigns […]

Case Study: Bondi Bowling Club Revolutionises Membership Experience with Litecard

Litecard empowers organisations like Bondi Bowling Club to revolutionise their membership services and enhance member experiences through digital Apple/Google Wallet technology. Introduction Bondi Bowling Club, renowned for its vibrant community and engaging events, sought to modernise its membership management and create seamless experiences for its patrons. Embracing Litecard’s digital membership and credential platform, the club […]

Maximising Customer Lifetime Value through Mobile Wallets

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: mobile wallets are about more than just transactions. With rapid development in the technology, they’re quickly becoming an indispensable tool for retailers looking to optimise customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV, in simple terms, quantifies the total profit a customer brings over their entire relationship with your […]

More Than Money: Exploring the Expanding Role of Mobile Wallets in Customer Engagement

Australia has witnessed a rapid change in customer payment preferences in recent years. Over 15.3 million cards were registered to mobile wallets in 2022 with 2.4 billion transactions in the same year – that’s an astounding 8,200% increase in under 5 years! As the popularity of mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay, Google Pay and […]

How Mobile Wallets Redefined the Loyalty Experience – An Everyday Rewards Case Study

Remember 2007? Flip phones were still cool, dial-up connections were the peak of connectivity, and loyalty programs? They were plastic cards gathering dust in wallets. Fast forward to 2024 and we’re shopping, banking, commuting and connecting with friends at the tap or swipe of a finger.In under two decades, mobile devices have become an indispensable […]