Case Study: Bondi Bowling Club Revolutionises Membership Experience with Litecard

Litecard empowers organisations like Bondi Bowling Club to revolutionise their membership services and enhance member experiences through digital Apple/Google Wallet technology.


Bondi Bowling Club, renowned for its vibrant community and engaging events, sought to modernise its membership management and create seamless experiences for its patrons. Embracing Litecard’s digital membership and credential platform, the club aimed to streamline member services and offer unparalleled benefits through digital wallet technology.

Technologies Used

  • Push notifications
  • Dot Origin RFID Scanner
  • OMNOPON ECTPOS Clearing House
  • Apple Wallet NFC VAS Pass
  • Google Wallet Smart Tap RFID Pass
  • Litecard API Integration into Member Signup Workflow
  • Business Dashboard
    • View active members and devices
    • Support Push Notification and Email Campaigns

Benefits of Digital Membership

Bondi Bowling Club’s transition to digital membership passes heralded a new era of convenience and sustainability for its members:

  • Add to mobile wallet: Members could effortlessly add their digital passes to their mobile wallets for easy access.
  • Carry anywhere: With their membership passes stored on their phones, patrons could carry them anywhere, reducing the need for physical cards.
  • Manage rewards: The digital passes allowed members to manage their rewards and benefits conveniently on their smartphones.
  • Environmental friendliness: Embracing digital passes aligned with the club’s commitment to environmental sustainability, reducing paper usage and waste.
  • Simplified spending: Members could easily redeem discounts and promotions with their digital passes, enhancing their spending experience at the club.

Implementation Process

Bondi Bowling Club embarked on its journey towards digital transformation with Litecard’s guidance:

  • Unique pass design: The club selected a unique design for their digital passes to reflect their brand identity.
  • Seamless implementation: Omniqpon and Litecard collaborated seamlessly to implement the digital membership passes, ensuring a smooth transition for the club and its members.
  • Pass distribution: Members received their digital passes via SMS and email, enabling them to download and add them to their mobile wallets effortlessly.
  • NFC technology: Bondi’s digital tap passes, powered by NFC technology, enabled easy redemption at point-of-sale terminals, promoting loyalty among patrons.
  • Streamlined Redemption: Litecard’s streamlined redemption process facilitated hassle-free usage of the digital passes, enhancing the overall member experience.
  • Communication channels: The club utilised Litecard’s APIs to send notifications to members, keeping them informed about updates and promotions.


The adoption of Litecard’s digital membership solution resulted in:

  • 41.17% of members signing up within the first 2 weeks
  • Increased member engagement and satisfaction
  • Streamlined redemption of digital passes
  • Enhanced communication and promotion capabilities

By partnering with Litecard, Bondi Bowling Club successfully transformed its membership services, delivering unparalleled value to its patrons while embracing digital innovation for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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