Case Study: Driving Club Loyalty with Litecard and Omniqpon at The Juniors


The Juniors, a renowned entertainment and leisure destination with locations in Maroubra and Malabar, aimed to enhance member engagement and promote the adoption of their new Prime Player App. With a focus on converting existing members to digital memberships and showcasing the benefits of club loyalty, The Juniors sought to activate creative promotional campaigns to drive app downloads and increase brand loyalty.

Campaign Outline

The campaign’s primary objective was to incentivize members to download The Juniors Prime Player App by offering exclusive promotional incentives. The offering included a Prime Player App-only promotion for March 2024, featuring 3 x $3 Off any Drink Coupons valid for all days and times during March 2024.

The campaign leveraged gamification to encourage member participation and engagement, with the requirement for members to scan their Prime Player App to receive the first coupon and unlock access to two additional coupons via Wallet Pass.

Technologies Used

  • Push notifications
  • Dot Origin RFID Scanner
  • OMNOPON ECTPOS Clearing Gateway
  • Apple Wallet Barcode Pass
  • Google Wallet Barcode Pass
  • Litecard API Integration into Member Signup Workflow
  • Business Dashboard
    • View active members and devices
    • Support Push Notification and Email Campaigns


The Juniors utilised Litecard’s innovative digital membership solution in collaboration with Omniqpon to execute the activation campaign for their app. Promotion details were communicated to members through The Encore magazine and in-venue signage, prompting them to download the app and utilise the digital coupon. Litecard’s technology facilitated the distribution of digital coupons and Wallet Passes seamlessly, making the process customer-friendly and efficient.


  • Brand Loyalty Increase: The campaign resulted in a notable increase in brand loyalty among club members.
  • Percentage of Redemption: Detailed metrics on the percentage of coupon redemption showcased the effectiveness of the promotion in driving member engagement and app utilisation.

By partnering with Litecard and Omniqpon, The Juniors successfully executed a strategic campaign that not only promoted app downloads but also reinforced club loyalty among its members. This case study exemplifies the power of digital solutions in driving customer engagement and enhancing the overall club experience.

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