Enhanced User Experience with Digital Cards – From a Member’s Perspective

Purchasing Litecard app-less technology supports environmental responsibilities by demonstrating the benefits of digital over plastic memberships, leading the way for other companies to adopt greener solutions, as you become an innovator in the space. 

Incorporating Litecard shows you value your members by making it easier for them to get the most out of their memberships. Giving people the simplest UX keeps their brands and discounts a touch away for optimal utilization of benefits and services. 

Implementing our messaging tech will increase engagement with members, bring up new proposals, receive updates on meetings and issues, reminders, and vote in meetings they may not be able to attend and collect data counts on those votes. 

Enjoy better relationships with existing sponsors and open the door to new sponsors, as data analytics showcase the support and appreciation of members to the valued brands, as well as increasing the marketing capabilities of brands to message members with new or limited-time deals, location-specific, and time-based. 

We are building a point of linkage via B2B and B2B2C channels and clients and partners as ecosystems. Litecard increases member engagement, creates a higher utilization of sponsor offers, better marketing results for brands, and positive environmental outcomes of using less CO2 to produce plastic cards as well as reducing pollution opportunities.

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