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How does LiteCard bring value to my business?

Offering an Apple Wallet or G Pay integration of your business' cards gives members the ability to store cards in their mobile device rather than carrying it around in their wallet. This is a unique offering only a few traditional companies have adopted thus far. Giving members the ability to do more with less shows that your organization cares about their members and amenities.

How does the client make sure they have a secure database with the litecard?

The litecard team has worked with many State/Federal Government Departments in Australia and around the world to develop and implement digital solutions. We are an accredited supplier to the NSW and VIC Government on the ICT Services Panel and eServices Registrar.

Migration to the new system? How does it work?

No two projects are the same. Most of our clients are in the following situations:
1. Have a mobile app
2. Physical membership card
3. No membership card at all

Our technology can exist alongside any of the 3 situations above.

We do 3 things to implement the system for a client:
A) Design the card logic, aethstetic and links with the client
B) Organise a key person of contact and 12 month marketing/notification plan
C) Decide how the cards are distributed (either via email, text, online integration, or web form)

What will happen to the current app which they spent millions to build, advertise etc.

Our technology can exist alongside any apps. The age of apps is coming to an end. People are underestimating the amount of work that is required in building apps, having to build different apps for different geographies and the training/effort required to bring the app to market.

Apps are a barrier to participation and entry for users, especially for the elderly. People want something that is faster, cheaper and easier to use.

Size of the opportunity, How to make the revenue from the technology? Potential earnings?

Brands using our technology have increased sales by improving the connections between member/license holders and the business/organisation. Promotions and content discovery have become more effective.

Clients with databases anywhere from 100,000+ have found an increase in web traffic and sales of up to 300% when implementing our technology.

For some clients, the card is a source of status and thus necessary for their ego, How could you make sure they have the same status with the tech?

Life is about experiences and technology is about connections. People who hold credentials and memberships are looking for value when they support their brands or hobbies.

Our technology helps both end-users and businesses/Governments streamline digital transformation in a way everyone can participate, save money and make money.

What if I don't need NFC capability?

Our unique offering integrates to almost any business system and we can cater to any technical requirements regarding the implementation of our technology. We offer our solution with and without NFC/RFID capabilities. If you require an aesthetic unique identifiable ID, membership or loyalty card, we can cater for your brand.

Can people copy and duplicate NFC tags?

If an NFC card is stored in your Apple Wallet or G Pay wallet, it is protected under a layer of security such as a Face ID, Fingerprint or Passcode. Access to a card's download link can be secured behind a login portal (e.g. student/staff/member portal) and also limited to 1 download per member.

Can my Staff or Student ID be in my Mobile Wallet?

Absolutely, Apple Wallet and G Pay wallets are an emerging technology, if your Staff or Student ID isn't in your mobile device, it's only a matter of time until it is available organization-wide.

How does the back-end channel look?

Our software is all cloud-based. This means we can protect and store data in any country and deploy our solution remotely whenever required.

Could they purchase anything while in the wallet and using the card?

Yes and no. If clients require payment cards, we have access to private APIs which enable the NFC/RFID technology in mobile devices to develop a solution like this. Clients often ask for only Membership, license or ID cards with no payment capability.

What will happen to members who don’t sign up with the NEW Technology? Will they have a problem later on?

Mobile memberships and credentials are the next natural step of evolution in technology. The digital shift has already begun with apps becoming a source of truth for credentials and compliance.

We leverage these apps to make this technology shift easier to manage and more beneficial to businesses and end-users.

Has it been developed in Australia?

All our technology is created in Melbourne Australia. Our team of software developers, project managers and sales staff are all based in our Docklands office.

Is it a tailor-made technology? White label?

We tailor our technology to each client. Most clients will have different requirements and needs. Our partners can white label our architecture which connects and converts databases to digital cards to on-sell our solution or recommend clients to us.