View the questions and answers many of our users and clients ask before getting started.


View the questions and answers many of our users and clients ask.

How does LiteCard bring value to my business?

Offering an Apple Wallet or G Pay integration of your business' cards gives members the ability to store cards in their mobile device rather than carrying it around in their wallet. This is a unique offering only a few traditional companies have adopted thus far. Giving members the ability to do more with less shows that your organization cares about their members and amenities.

Can people copy and duplicate NFC tags?

If an NFC card is stored in your Apple Wallet or G Pay wallet, it is protected under a layer of security such as a Face ID, Fingerprint or Passcode. Access to a card's download link can be secured behind a login portal (e.g. student/staff/member portal) and also limited to 1 download per member.

Is our membership data secure?

All handled information is transacted through secured API endpoints in our comprehensive cloud systems which use the same cloud tools and industry standards as Fox Sports, Channel 7 News and Netflix.

What if I don't need NFC capability?

Our unique offering integrates to almost any business system and we can cater to any technical requirements regarding the implementation of our technology. We offer our solution with and without NFC/RFID capabilities. If you require an aesthetic unique identifiable ID, membership or loyalty card, we can cater for your brand.

Can my Staff or Student ID be in my Mobile Wallet?

Absolutely, Apple Wallet and G Pay wallets are an emerging technology, if your Staff or Student ID isn't in your mobile device, it's only a matter of time until it is available organization-wide.