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Before litecard - Memberships and ID cards took 4-6 weeks to post and were constantly lost, forgotten and ignored.

Now, MNCs and Government have a better way to issue, manage and update cards using globally accepted digital wallet technology.

The problem with traditional systems.

Costs and Resources

Considerable amounts of money spent on physical card programs.

Brand Engagement

No incentives to visit physical stores or pay attention to brands.

Data for Reporting

Inefficient and unreliable physical documentation.

ID and Pass

Counterfeit and pass-outs are common. IDs are often exploited.

Go digital. Go litecard.

Store ID cards, licenses and accreditations in the same secure place that you have your mobile payment cards.

Use readily available technology to achieve omni-channel reach via a mobile native solution that targets all major smartphone platforms.

Digital Identity
& Licenses

Align and aggregate digital IDs in accepted Mobile platforms. For Government, Casinos, Unions, Memberships and more.

& Accreditations

Increase engagement, recommitment and compliance using push notifications and aggregated links on a digital pass.

& Engagement

Increase client retention, upsell and retarget with geo-location or time based Apple Wallet push notifications.

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