Digital memberships with Litecard.

Store member credentials in the same place as your bank cards. Used standalone or integrated by tapping or scanning at Point of Sale or access points.

You can do even better.

With Litecard

The old way

What sets us apart?

Tiered memberships

Offer different tiers of subscription with varying prices, designs, delivery and expiry logic.

Automated credentials

Save time by automating repetitive membership tasks like renewals, recurring payments, and expiration notices.

Customisable CRM

With a fully-kitted back end, customise your member and admin experience from sign up forms to analytics.

Scan and Tap - Digital Membership Cards

Customisable digital membership cards which natively integrate with Apple Wallet, Samsung and Google Wallet. Add QR codes to facilitate member check-in or tap a card across our multiple supported PoS and hardware options.

Choose how you use our membership product.


Design your digital membership cards online, configure your billing and start selling today.


Bolt onto your existing membership management system and use separate sources of truth.

Member Features

From broadcasting membership cards to existing members to signing up new members, our platform handles all.

Public signup form

Connect existing websites or a standalone page to your membership signup.

Private signup form

Create members in your online dashboard. Useful if people want to pay with cash or for any anomalies.

Custom fields

Customise and collect useful member data that helps your organisation.

Take payments

Supporting multiple payment gateways for your ecosystem.

Issue digital cards

Distribute tap or scan mobile wallet passes as part of your membership.

Multi-tiered signups

Provide varying price and digital card logic for varying membership tiers.

User table

Keep up to date with recent members that sign up as well as digital cards downloaded

Pass authentication

Authenticate members through your dashboard with a simple web based camera.

Consuming passes

Use the same web based camera to consume passes such as limited passes or vouchers.

Push notifications​

Breach through lock screens by pushing notifications across Apple and Google devices.

Send SMS/emails

Segment users and send personalised demographic data to each member.

Expiry automation

Automate the lifecycle of a membership and remove memberships from phones by set rules or manually.

API trigger

Consume actions from CRMs - send notifications, remove members and update wallet passes.

Integrated data flow

Trigger APIs to create and distribute memberships or push signup data into separate systems.

Admin Tools

Manage all your members and digital cards with our back of house online CRM, integrate and empower existing systems.

The next steps?


Migrate membership data


Integrate business processes


Go public! - Rollout to members