Automate issuance and management processes

Take control of digital engagement and gain valuable insights using the Litecard platform and enterprise ready APIs prepared for your organisation.


to integrate APIs or for our team to create your digital cards compared to months of RnD and development


to send out, modify or delete/disable digital passes compared to the months and weeks of printing and replacement of physical cards


to communicate with members and send out push notifications to convert with quality engagement

APIs to help make your development work a breeze.​

Gain access to a fully customisable, secure and feature rich stack. We work with global mobile wallet partners to make sure users have access to the latest technology.

Drive & track engagement

Enjoy the highest security standards.

We work with global partners to pioneer solutions, share success stories and create new digital markets.

It's time for change.

Plastic cards are harming our planet and stopping your organisation from reaching a higher potential.