Activate SMS, email, social media and in-store channels to distribute brand content for new and existing customers.

Create promotions and offers with the mobile wallet.

Brands are using mobile wallets to convert marketing efforts... effortlessly.

Supercharge marketing ROI

With a call to action that people actually remember and trust.

Convert first buyers and retain

Using the power of push notifications through lock screens.

Increase sign-up volume

Via a brand offer that is delivered with 1-touch.

Unlock revenue streams without the overhead

Tap into the mobile wallet to convert your marketing efforts and take control of campaigns. Managed in a powerful back office with integrations leading to any data source you need.

Signup and usage analytics

View real-time user information and edit data fields captured. You can review active devices and export data via CSV anytime.

Notification and Engagement

View history, scheduled notifications and segment communications to specific audiences. Also supporting SMS and email.

Bulk upload and DIY design

Bulk upload existing lists to mass distribute promotions and brand content to re-engage users. DIY designs in our online dashboard.

How you can use Litecard's promotional product


Get up and converting fast with Litecard's full-stack platform, customise voucher sign up forms through the dashboard or with our team. Need more? Plug existing systems in via APIs.


1-day integrations supporting multiple connections to your PoS, CRM - working alongside your agency or internal teams to create powerful brand solutions.

Making it easier to
engage and convert

Join brands that are achieving groundbreaking
retention and acquisition rates.