How do Push Notifications Work?

With recent changes in email marketing regulations by major providers like Google and Yahoo, businesses are facing challenges in reaching their target audience effectively. Mobile wallets, however, offer a compelling alternative. They enable direct and personalized engagement with customers through a medium they frequently use and trust.

How can Push Notifications be used?

Push notifications offer a direct and effective way to communicate with users, bypassing email's common pitfalls like spam filters and overlooked inboxes. They deliver immediate information such as sports updates, traffic reports, or flight details directly to the user's lock screen. For app publishers, they are a powerful tool for user re-engagement, driving sales promotions, enhancing customer experiences, and converting casual users into loyal customers. Push notifications also facilitate immediate transactional updates and encourage engagement with other marketing platforms, like social media.

• Sports scores and news
• Traffic, weather and utility reports
• Boarding times and travel cancellations
• Severe weather warnings, change of legislation and safety updates
• Promotions and sales
• Transactional receipts • Driving users to marketing channels and delivering important content

What are the Advantages of Push Notifications

Enhanced Personalization: Mobile wallets enable businesses to tailor content based on user interactions and history, fostering a more intimate and relevant user experience.

Higher Engagement Rates: Notifications delivered via mobile wallets are more visible and engaging, offering a direct line of communication less prone to oversaturation, unlike email inboxes.

Real-Time Updates and Offers: The immediacy of mobile wallets allows for time-sensitive offers, encouraging spontaneous purchasing decisions and enhancing customer engagement.

Rich Data Insights: By analyzing user interactions within the wallet, businesses gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Geo-Targeting Capabilities: Mobile wallets can utilize location-based services to offer geo-targeted promotions, enhancing relevance and response rates. This can be used to reward customer behaviour such as purchases, abandoned carts and coming into store.

Increased Brand Visibility: Being present in a user’s mobile wallet increases brand visibility and recall, keeping the brand top-of-mind.

Seamless Integration with Loyalty Programs: Mobile wallets offer a convenient platform for integrating and managing loyalty programs, driving repeat business and deeper customer relationships.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional marketing channels, mobile wallets offer a cost-effective solution with potentially higher ROI due to targeted and personalized outreach.

Trust and Engagement: A New Marketing Methodology

Mobile wallet engagement offers a distinct trust advantage over traditional channels like text and email, which are increasingly targeted for scams. The secure nature of mobile wallets, backed by robust encryption and authentication protocols, significantly reduces the risk of fraud. Users tend to trust notifications from their mobile wallet apps more than texts or emails, as these wallets are directly linked to their financial institutions and operate under stringent security standards. This trust factor enhances the credibility of communications sent through mobile wallets, making them an effective and reliable medium for customer engagement.

Staying Ahead of Competition

Mobile wallets are transforming marketing strategies by offering a direct, personalized, and data-rich channel to engage with customers more effectively, especially in an era where traditional email marketing faces new challenges.

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