Carry all your cards in 1 secure place.

The future is lite, now.

App-less technology allows us to help you enable digital services

Before litecard - Memberships and ID cards took 4-6 weeks to post and were constantly lost, forgotten and ignored.

Challenges Today

• No engagement
• No messaging
• Static/Lost cards
• People are disconnected

The Litecard way

• Create a valuable new touch point
• Increases value
• Sells more
• Happier users

Drive & track engagement

Our methodology

Customised onboarding

Each organisation has their own set of requirements, issues and goals. Let us help you work towards your business goals.

1:1 Account Management

Every client has a dedicated account manager with clear business continuity plans mapped out.

24/7 Tech Support

Enjoy around the clock tech support as well as 100% uptime and high availability when using Litecard APIs or services.

Build customer trust by securing sensitive identity data in cloud

Layered security protocols using app-less designs

Using Apple, Samsung and Google's identity management system to safely store your card data.

AWS Partner & architecture reviewed

Server-less and cloud first stack audited and reviewed by AWS engineers.

Secure access MFA, monitoring & logging

Control access to your APIs and data with our heightened security configuration options.

Access & compliance reports

Full access and overview to activity in the dashboard, over APIs and usage in the cloud.

Get a personalised demo

Let us show you how the world’s leading brands use our platform to create converting member and customer interactions.