Streamlined Loyalty Solutions with Mobile Wallet and Point of Sale Integration

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Your loyalty customers are the backbone of your business – they’re 60% more likely to choose you over your competitors, 14% more likely to increase their frequency of purchases, and 12% more likely to recommend your brand to others – so why are their checkout experiences longer and more inconvenient?
Loyalty programs traditionally operate as a separate silo from the payment process. Customers need to interrupt their checkout journey to swipe a loyalty card (if they can find it!), or manually enter their number to earn or redeem points. And if they wanted to check their points or any available discounts? Well, most likely they’d need to download an app, register, and then swipe through all available offers till they find what they’re looking for. Sounds more like a chore than a reward, especially when one customer could have multiple loyalty memberships and need multiple apps!

While having great benefits can persuade a loyalty member to endure a bit of inconvenience, customers’ shopping behaviours have shifted dramatically in recent years. A survey of consumers by Deloitte showed an overwhelming preference (96%) for seamless, integrated experiences across all channels. But how can brands keep pace with these changing expectations? Here’s how Litecard’s solutions can help.

Streamline your checkout experience for loyalty customers

Litecard delivers a centralised integration that merchants can plug into and start seeing real results. Through the Litecard platform, we enable integration of your PoS (point of sale) system with mobile wallets like Apple, Google or Samsung – this means your loyalty customers can earn points and redeem rewards or discounts instantly, simply by using their mobile wallets at any integrated PoS terminal. Easy, quick and no added fuss. 

Here’s how it works:

Mobile wallet integration

Litecard supports integrating popular mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay directly into your POS terminals. This allows customers to easily link their loyalty accounts to their preferred mobile wallet.

Loyalty platform integration

Your PoS system is connected to the loyalty platform through APIs or a backend integration. Transaction-level data like purchases, times and amounts are seamlessly shared with the loyalty platform in real-time.

Earning points and redeeming rewards

Whenever a loyalty customer makes a purchase using their mobile wallet, their spending is automatically tracked by the loyalty platform. Points are instantly deposited to their account based on your predefined earning rules. Rewards can be redeemed automatically during checkout or customers can choose to accumulate points and use them at a later date.

Real-time updates

Customers always have an up-to-date view of their points balance, available rewards and more – all from within their preferred mobile wallet. No need to open separate apps!

Benefits of integrating loyalty programs with PoS and mobile wallets

Integrating loyalty at the point of sale addresses several key pain points for customers, with convenience being one of the biggest. With many consumers belonging to multiple programs, they want a single interface to stay connected. Younger generations particularly value convenience, with 75% of Gen Z and 86% of Millennials more likely to engage if a brand has a mobile app. Frustrations around reward expiration and redemption complexity are also reduced through a consistent, simple and transparent integrated experience. In short, mobile wallet integration and the point of sale provides the loyalty management solution that customers are looking for. 

For merchants, integration enables personalisation that encourages repeat purchases as well as increased engagement. Using transaction history and demographics to add value to loyalty programs has shown positive results among consumers with 76% of those who receive personalised communication reporting a stronger brand affinity. By offering a better loyalty program experience, 81% of consumers say they would switch brands, and companies with successful customer loyalty programs have seen revenues increase up to 2.5 times faster than competitors, generating 100% to 400% higher returns to shareholders.

With over 15.3 million cards registered to mobile wallets and 2.4 billion mobile wallet transactions worth AU$93 billion in 2022, Australian consumers are rapidly embracing digital solutions and shifting towards omnichannel experiences. For retailers looking to drive greater lifetime value from their customers and benefit from the digital shift, Litecard provides easy, point of sale integration with mobile wallets that brings transactions, payments and loyalty rewards together in one seamless mobile experience.
If you want to know more about how Litecard can help you maximise the benefits of your loyalty program, get in touch for customised loyalty solutions and a demo of our services.

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