Social Relief Programs and the Benefits of a Digital Recipient Programs

I have included bullet points on how retiring the old EBT method of delivering social benefits to the correct beneficiaries, can become much more efficient for individuals, vendors, regulators, and the divisions that manage social benefits.  This is achieved through  1. Fraud – linking social benefits to secure native mobile wallets that are initiated by […]

What Does Going Digital Mean for Carbon Value and Social Procurement?

One PVC-based credit card converted into a digital card saves up to 200g of C02 pollution from being released into the atmosphere. The conversion also reduces 5 grams of plastic that would most likely end up in a landfill with sensitive personal information. The process of changing operation standards is much more valuable than a […]

ESG & SDG Goals and Why Digital Transformation is Important

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established by the United Nations in 2015 to achieve a sustainable future for all. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, large corporations and governments play a vital role in realising the SDGs, as they have significant influence over the lives of millions of people and control […]

Mobile App Development and Considerations

For many organisations, the desire to create a mobile app is compelling. But, with experience, you quickly learn there are a lot of lessons to be learned. It all sounds easy so we wanted to share our insights to help you take the right path. Mobile App skills are in high demand and specialised due […]

Mobile App Experiences and the reality of challenges

Member Intelligence: How much do you really know about member demands? We have come a long way but there is still a major challenge in member engagement. Most companies can entice users but drop off happens fast. User incentives, trust and motivation are needed. The goal is to move from pushing out materials to creating […]

Membership Engagement – Measuring Performance and Success

A How to Guide How do you accurately measure member engagement? Through outcomes such as renewals? Or through the number of email opt-outs? While member engagement is not new, being able to accurately measure results is. Most associations find it difficult to measure the effectiveness of their marketing. Most times, only small percentages of members […]

A ‘Go-Digital’ Business Guide for Member Organisations

Every organisation is observing the speed of change and concerned about how customer / member engagement can be improved. Post Covid, expectations have changed and it has become more difficult to predict behaviour and patterns. Your marketing and product teams are constantly trying to evaluate and test responsiveness and what it takes to activate your […]

The True Potential of Wallets

Why you need to learn fast: The majority of attention on wallets is cash-less payments.   And we have also learned that wallets can hold tickets and reduce the need to print.  We already use our mobile wallets for airline, transport and event tickets. These ‘single use’ applications make wallets convenient and useful. This article goes […]