Mobile App Experiences and the reality of challenges

Member Intelligence: How much do you really know about member demands?

We have come a long way but there is still a major challenge in member engagement.

Most companies can entice users but drop off happens fast.

User incentives, trust and motivation are needed.

The goal is to move from pushing out materials to creating relationships.

Users are becoming far more mature about their expectations and they will tell you what they want.

Pushing out email has become annoying and ignored.

Building trust in the quality of the experience is key to your brand’s loyalty.

Why is mobile so hard?

Most organisations are completely dependent on developer capability.

Release cadence and bug fixing can be slow with most resources tied to QA testing.

Therefore, optimisation and new experiences lag behind.

Your opportunity to move beyond member sign-up to creating deeper relationships relies on your approach to delivering experiences that your members want.


  • Allow your marketing and product teams to experiment and learn fast.
  • Take advantage of device capabilities that users are familiar with.
  • Undertake surveys to improve personalisation.
  • Improve opt-in flows.
  • Simplify the experience.

Focus on moving from acquisition to engagement to learn what members truly want.

Enable non-technical teams to construct surveys and tests.

Reduce your dependence on development of features and the complexity of app deployment.

Users are demanding and the digital-first generation is discerning.

To engage members with more meaning, the opportunity is to move to a software platform designed for users and their needs.

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